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Mobile Recharge Software with API Integration

Rancor Infotech, a leading name in the IT sector, is reaching newer heights by delivering the best kinds of software. It uses sophisticated methods for it’s work and once a client works worth Rancor Infotech, they are bound to feel the difference. An experienced team of software developers are always present to help out clients with any kind of need and provide them with softwares according to their requirements. The name Rancor Infotech has reached such heights owing to the high quality of its products as well as their timely and accurate delivery. It helps companies to grow significantly whilst saving time and money by means of innovative software solutions. It will take its clients way ahead of their competitors in the business.

Rancor Infotech makes different kinds of softwares of which mobile recharging software is one. There are two kinds of mobile recharging softwares. One of these softwares allows direct transfer between the company and the customer. This is called the B2C. Here, the customer interacts directly with the distributor and gets the recharge. This takes place through the online recharging system and the money is deducted from the user’s account via net banking. For this the user needs to visit the mobile operator’s website, select the option of online recharge, enter his/her mobile number and necessary bank account or credit/debit card details. This is an instant recharge and is thus faster than any other form.

The other form of recharge involves a retailer in between. The Application Programming Interface or the API application is needed here. This interface facilitates the interaction between different software by acting as an interface between them. API is used by the mobile operators for purposes of communication. Known as B2B, for this mobile recharging software the distributors provide business to the retailers who are then added to the admin. When a recharge is gotten from the retailer, the recharge amount is transferred through admin from the distributors to mobile recharge retailers. Eventually it reaches the customer’s mobile.

Rancor Infotech’s mobile recharging software service provides retailers complete business solutions. Their needs and requirements will control their operator’s bulk SMS and API. This provides smart, convenient, easy to use ways of recharging the mobiles of customers by means of auto generate recharge and text messages. The online recharge software also provides an easy and fast method of recharging. There are single sim recharges APIs too. These do away with the need for multiple mobile handsets and sim cards for different operators.

With their wide experience in serving global customers, Rancor Infotech always provides smart solutions for businesses. The mobile recharging software is simple and can be handled very easily. The team of software developers work hard to provide guaranteed quality softwares which leave no room for complaints. Fast and high quality customer service and support is available at all times.

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